Cancellation FAQ

Ventura Marathon reserves the right to cancel any race due to weather, air quality or other natural factors outside of our control. 

In the event of a cancellation, participants will be notified via email, text and social media. Participants will have the option to defer their entry to another race in the same year (if applicable), transfer to a race the following year or donate their entry fee to a local non-profit. If transferring their entry to another race, participants will receive a code equal to the amount of their original payment to use on a future entry. 

A date and location will be communicated for participants to pick up their race bags, medals and t-shirts. Those items will not be shipped.  


Will the race be scheduled for another date?

No. Due to permitting, venue logistics and stakeholder involvement there is no available future date for the race. 


I thought your race policy was no deferrals?

Although it is standard practice in the running industry to not offer deferrals to future years, we wanted to provide that option for this specific case, since the race was canceled due to factors outside of our control.


Can I get a refund instead of deferring my entry?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds. The majority of your race entry has already been allocated.


When will I receive my coupon code to register for another race?

You will receive an email with your coupon code and further instruction within two weeks of the race cancellation.  


I purchased race insurance. Can I receive a refund?

No. Race insurance is only valid when individuals need to withdraw from a race for personal reasons.


I can’t run later this year or next year. Can I transfer my entry to another runner?

Yes, you can give your coupon code to another runner.

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