2015 Results

*We are very sorry about the half marathon course being long (.65 miles long.) The half marathon turnaround was inadvertently placed at someone else's mark. By the time we found out (when one of the top runners told us) it was too late. Results have been adjusted to reflect your 13.1 mile time (as best we could.) Again we are extremely sorry.

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Defer to 2016

If you are unable to compete this year and would like to defer your entry to 2016 you can do so here. This service is free up until August 15th. After this date a $15 fee will be required to do so (Please take care of this in advance.) 

In for some reason the event is not held in 2016 (we do not foresee this happening) and you opted to defer to 2016 you will receive credit to other runs we host.

1. Login in to your account at (If you forgot your password please go to the bottom of this page)

2. Go to your Profile page.

3. Go to "My Registered Races" under the Runner Links Heading

4. Select the "Edit/View Registration" under the Ventura Marathon 

5. Select the "Defer" heading

***If you forgot your password please use the "Forgot Password" link just under the password field when you try to login. 

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