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    September 10 - 11, 2016. Join in the fun for this 2-day event featuring a Boston Marathon qualifying Marathon, half marathon, 5K, bike rides, live bands, beer garden, arts & crafts, food, and a whole lot more.
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Dunk Your Kicks

The Ventura Marathon is proud to announce we have invited The Max Cure Foundation to bring their signature Dunk Your Kicks campaign to our event September 12th & 13th.

On the eve of his 4th birthday, Max Plotkin was diagnosed with a rare form a pediatric cancer, never before seen at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The Plotkin family quickly learned that pediatric cancer is the leading cause of disease related death in children, and is the most underfunded of all cancer research, so they took a stand and The Max Cure Foundation (MCF) was born. Thankfully Max is now 11 and considered a 7 year cancer survivor, but the battle will continue as the toxic treatments used to save his life, may also cause future complications.

The mission of MCF is threefold.  First it seeks to fund research to attempt to find cures for the various forms of childhood cancers and to discover less toxic treatments for the disease in children. As part of that portion of its mission, it is helping to fund an Immune Cell Therapy Laboratory at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  Second, MCF established Roar Beyond Barriers, a program to financially assist low income and military families with a child battling cancer.  Through monthly gift cards, families are able to purchase food and other necessities.  Since the program’s inception, 78 families in 12 states being treated in 21 hospitals have been helped.  There are 48 families currently receiving assistance.  The third mission is advocacy to increase government funding for childhood cancer research. As part of its advocacy mission, MCF was in the forefront of the #SaveJosh campaign and it's Vice Chairman, Richard Plotkin, has been invited to serve on a committee consisting of a limited number of childhood cancer advocates dealing with the White House. 

The Max Cure Foundation currently supports families at Children's Hospital & Research Center in Oakland and has plans to expand its Roar Beyond Barriers program to additional hospitals in California.


One of MCF’s main fundraising initiatives is Dunk Your Kicks, a national campaign which facilitates the collection of used sneakers by Rethink Nation, an international recycler who sells those sneakers to exporters/distributors which, in turn, sell the sneakers in emerging market countries as part of the Affordable Clothing Market.   MCF receives payment from the recycler up to $1.00 per pair of sneakers based on the quality of the sneakers collected.  In addition to serving as a fundraising vehicle for MCF, Dunk Your Kicks helps the environment by keeping the sneakers out of landfills (200 million pairs of sneakers end up in landfills annually) while, at the same time, creates tens of thousands of jobs globally and reduces the risk of disease in those living in developing countries who go barefoot.  Dunk Your Kicks gives a 2nd and even a 3rd life to the sneakers that would otherwise end up, unused, in closets and ultimately be thrown out. 

What do you need to do? It's simple, clean out your closets of used sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes and bring them to the Ventura Marathon to Dunk Your Kicks for pediatric cancer causes!

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