2020 Ventura Marathon COVID-19 Update

Unfortunately, the 2020 Ventura Marathon scheduled for this October will be pushed to the Fall of 2021. We are sad, but considering the uncertainty and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19 we feel it is the correct decision to make. We will be holding a virtual run during the originally scheduled race week that is uniquely Ventura.

The Ventura Marathon is our favorite event of the year. We started it in 2013 with a ridiculously small race crew, amazing volunteers, and A LOT of sleepless nights. Over the years we have watched it grow into something really special and it’s become a big part of our life. As much as we want to have the event this Fall it is not a reality.

There are three main issues we considered before making the decision to push it to 2021.

  1. Will we be allowed to hold the event with State and Local ordinances?
  2. Can we keep participants safe?
  3. If the number of participants is significantly down are we prepared to lose money?

Will we be allowed to hold the event with State and Local ordinances?

At this point there are not any definitive answers, but we ultimately felt the answer would be a resounding no.

Can we keep participants safe?

We feel we could keep participants relatively safe with some adjusted protocols and safety measures, but we feel now is not the time to experiment. This was not a decision made based on fear, but instead based on responsibility.

If the number of participants is significantly down are we prepared to lose money?

This is an area that every Race Director thinks about (or at least should think about). Races can be expensive to host and many races operate at low margins. We thought about waiting to make the decision just in case things miraculously changed with COVID-19 but the financial situation could be dire regardless. If our participant numbers dropped by 15% we would break even. If those numbers dropped by more than that we would lose money. Our fixed costs for this event are high. Fixed costs are expenses that are a set price regardless of how many participants you have. These would include things like Staff, Police, Sheriff, CHP, barricades, permits, ambulances, other medical supplies, signage, etc. This year has been extraordinarily hard (our company typically works about 65 events a year and this year that number is likely going to be less than 10) and ultimately, we are not prepared to lose more money, which would occur if participant numbers were significantly lower than normal.

We also wanted to be able to offer refunds (this was really important to us) and at this point we still can because expenditures have been minimal. Since covid broke out we knew the event may not take place and planned accordingly. If we waited until October to make the decision we likely would not be in a position to do that because we would have spent a lot of the registration money on race expenses. 

So, what does this mean for those who already paid for the 2020 event?

We have several options for those who have already paid for this year’s event:

  1. Defer your entry to 2021 or 2022
  2. Run the virtual event and receive extra gear for the difference in cost
  3. Receive a refund

We would prefer you do one of the first two options, but fully understand if those do not work for you.

If you had a free or deferred entry into 2020 you will be moved into the 2021 event.

Switching Registration to Virtual - Added Gear Info

Virtual races allow you to test your fitness and join the fun without the crowds. You simply run the distance on your own, and report your results - we’ll send you instructions. We have a cool app that will track your distance and time and automatically submit the results.

If you signed up for the 5K or 1-Mile this will be an even swap.

If you signed up for the half marathon you will receive a Unisex Triblend Full-Zip Lightweight Hoodie with our Ventura Marathon Wave logo.

If you signed up for the full marathon you will receive the tri-blend zip hoody above plus a Ventura Marathon running hat.

About the virtual event?

We fully acknowledge virtual races are not nearly as cool as in-person events, but right now it’s all we have. We wanted to try to keep our virtual run uniquely Ventura while giving you a reason to keep training. The virtual run will need to be completed anytime between October 19th - 25th. You will upload your results on our website and they will be shown in the aggregated event results. You can use an existing distance and time capturing device/app or a free app called RaceJoy that will be tied directly to our event, so your results will be automatically submitted.

What You Get:

  • Handmade Ventura Marathon Resin Medal (Made in Ventura by our in house artist)
  • Ventura Marathon Double Layer FaceMask - Super Comfy (We have tried a lot and these ones rock)
  • Ventura Marathon 100% Polyester Technical Training Shirt

Distances Offered:

  • Full Marathon
  • ½ Marathon
  • 10K
  • 5K
  • 1-Mile

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