Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick up my packet race morning?

Yes but there is a $20 fee for the full and half marathons. Please read our explanation and sign up for this option HERE.

You may also pay $20 cash on race morning to get it. The online option to add this closes on Tuesday night, the week of the race.

Is there Gear Check?

Yes there is a gear check in the parking lot next to the Pier (by check-in) starting at 5:15AM Sunday morning. All Gear must be picked up by 1PM.

When and Where is packet pick up?

You can view packet pick up information at

Can a friend/family member pick up my packet?

Yes. You will need to give your friend a photocopy of your ID and they will then be allowed to pick up your packet.

Is this a Boston Qualifier?

Yes. We are USATF certified (Certification # CA13086RS)

Can I get a refund?

No we do not offer refunds. We do however allow event transfers where you transfer your entry to someone else. To do please visit

Can I switch events?

Yes you can switch events up until September 7th. After September 6th you will be required to switch events at the Solutions table at packet pick up. If you move up in distance you will be required to pay the current difference in price. If you move down there will not be a charge, nor will any money be refunded. To switch events go to

Can I transfer to a friend?

Yes you can transfer to a friend (or to a non-friend) up until August 15th for free. After August 15th there will be a $15 charge. Please do not wait until the last minute. This option closes on September 6th.

Are strollers or dogs allowed?

Yes strollers are allowed. No dogs are not allowed.

Are headphones allowed?

EARPHONES /BUDS are strongly discouraged at RRCA sanctioned events. Their use presents a serious hazard to runners participating in street races where emergency vehicles enter the course and may not be heard by runners who are listening to music. The wearing of earphones/buds would make it difficult to impossible for you to hear an emergency vehicle approaching from behind… the shout of another runner, etc. It would be difficult to impossible to enforce a ban on earphones/ear buds at the Ventura Marathon however their use Is discouraged for the aforementioned reasons. If you choose to wear earphones/buds, you should be aware that this aforementioned reasons. If you choose to wear earphones/buds you should be aware that it will increase the burden of your liability should you be involved in an accident/altercation during the course of the race. If you do wear earphones/ear buds, we request that you consider only plugging in "one ear" so you may be more likely to hear what’s going on around you and that you please remove the earphones/buds entirely at the start line so you may hear the instructions given and remove them entirely as you approach the finish line so you may hear the instructions given.

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